Who we are…..

Mike and Eve McCarthy, owners and operators of a school lunch delivery business.

The parents of school age children who understand the needs of small charter and private schools.

Experienced restaurateurs with combined experience of 55 years.

We are My Lunchbox, specializing in school lunches, making a healthy lunch available to students and lightening the load of busy parents every school day of the year.


What we do …..

Provide nutritious sack lunches for students to include your choice of a seven inch sub sandwich, pasta salad, picnic chicken strips, chicken caesar salad, PB & J,pasta salad or Bagel and cream cheese plus fruit and dessert.

For schools that allow microwave use for the kids, we are able to offer macaroni & cheese, pasta bows with meat sauce, pesto penne, bean and cheese burritos & chill con carne.

All lunches , hot or cold, include entree, fruit, and dessert, and are delivered to your school with the students name and grade right on the bag.

Cater to the needs of private and small charter schools.

Supplement the existing school lunch programs.

We work with each individual school to find the program that works best for that school.

How it works…..

Once a month, we provide an order sheet for each student.

The parents choose whether or not they would like to order on any given day. The order form is returned to the school office, with payment attached.

We pick-up the order sheets from the office.

We deliver the sack lunches, name labeled and sorted by grade.

We make the kids and busy parents happy!


Other stuff …

We use many locally sourced products
(Portland French Bakery, Foster Farms, Tillamook cheese, etc.)

This service is offered to support the families of your school with no obligation, contract, or cost to the school.

We encourage participating families to call us directly with comments, questions, or concerns.