Welcome to MY LUNCHBOX

MY LUNCHBOX is online!  We are pleased to provide this convenient service to you, and it is our hope that this service will streamline our business and save a few trees for years to come.  While we ease into our online ordering process, please know that we hope to be 100% digital by January 2013.  Your comments and suggestions are appreciated, and we urge you to help us by letting us know what works, and what does not work for you.  Please use our contact form to send us your feedback.

We have been in operation since 2011, and business is growing rapidly.  We are parents just like you with school age children, and very busy schedules.  We understand how important each minute of your day is, and we also understand the importance of a healthy lunch to keep you and your family going throughout the day.  Our service can help lighten your load, and give you a few more minutes to get ready in the morning.

You can order nutritious lunches for your child on a monthly basis, and then place a catered lunch order for your business as well.

Schools love us because the delivery system is on-time and orderly.  Sack lunches are delivered and categorized by grade and name.  We cater to the needs of each school, and craft a menu to meet their needs.  Our services are provided to support families, and schools with no obligation, contract, or cost to schools.

The best part about our lunches is that they are crafted from local ingredients.  Not only are the desserts made fresh in our kitchen daily, but we also source from Portland French Bakery, Foster Farms, Tillamook cheese, etc.



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